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Introducing Strength, Stretch and Control

Based on Pilates in its purest form

About Cassowary Coast Strength, Stretch and Control – based loosely upon the fundamental principles of Pilates

Joseph Pilates techniques were founded on the anatomical knowledge of the Ancient Greeks combined with 20th Century physiology. For more than seventy years his exercises have endured, surviving every exercise fad, because they deliver tried and tested results. Cassowary Coast Strength, Stretch and Control adheres loyally to those enduring principles varying the sequence and intensity only to meet individual capabilities and to incorporate 21st Century exercise science.

Cassowary Coast Strength, Stretch and Control builds upon on Pilates in its purest form. An athletic challenge designed to develop your body and mind. Done habitually and with disciplined commitment it restores strength, posture and range of movement.


Mat based Back Care Physio – Strength, Stretch and Control classes available in both Tully and Mission Beach or try our innovative and hugely popular Aqua Physio Strength, Stretch and Control in the warm Mission Beach Hydrotherapy Pool.

Performance Physio SSC also available at Tully for those looking for an additional athletic challenge.

Southern Cassowary

Physio Strength, Stretch and Control

At Cassowary Coast Physio, we truly believe in the power of our SSC classes which are based loosely on Mat Work Pilates. Our SSC classes take an innovative and integrated approach, an approach that creates total wellness, transforming your body both inside and out.

With regular practice of Back Care Physio SSC, we can help you:

  • Increase muscle strength and tone, particularly your core muscles
  • Improve stabilisation of your spine
  • Rehabilitate or prevent injuries related to muscle imbalances
  • Improve physical coordination and balance
  • Increase body awareness and improve posture
  • Manage stress and improve concentration

Aqua Physio Strength, Stretch and Control

So your traditional mat workout is no longer doing it for you, Aqua Pilates is a new form of exercise that is taking the world by storm. These simple, but effective, workouts really do strengthen your core and upper back postural muscles.

Pilates has found additional benefits by adapting their traditional practice to the zero-gravity feel of an aquatic environment. Taking these exercises into the water increases their effectiveness and that will have a huge effect on your workout.

Aqua Physio Stretch, Stretch and Control builds on this platform further by utilising pool noodles, water weights, resistance bands, the pool wall and floor for assistance.

The additional benefit is that nearly anyone can do Aqua Pilates. The exercise is appropriate for post-rehab patients, pregnant women, the overweight and those with chronic illnesses or injuries. It also increases strength for people suffering from joint stress, limited mobility or muscle fatigue. People who have osteoporosis or other fracture risks can do Aqua SSC safely in the pool because the water acts as a cushion for the body and because of the sloping floor at Mission Beach’s world class hydrotherapy Centre, you are in control of the resistance and amount of weight you bear by choosing your own depth in the water.

Cassowary Coast Physiotherapy offer the Aqua Physio Strength Stretch and Control classes which are loosely based on an Aqua Pilates platform.